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  • TDC-072111


    This test worked!! See you at the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton OH.

  • TDC-NEWS_2


    A quick update, and a test of my mobile podcast rig.

  • Y84 Announcement


    Just a quick announcement.

  • TDC-16


    -The extra non-topical chit-chat was been removed- Show 16 - My car peeps come over to talk about: 1yr from the camaro HotRod TVs top 10 muscle cars Craig Jackson Riping on each others old cars Boyd & The Crew Project TA Music by: Information Society "I Like the Way You Werk It", "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)"

  • TDC-15


    Show 15 - Scott & Mike poke some fun at some of the cars at the recent FAST show-n-shine, music: DJ Earworm "Funky Goes To Hollywood" : Black Lab "Ecstacy"

  • TDC-14


    The $50,000 Trans Am test drive! Music: In Line To Die - Jeremy Rowe Sponsor: Trans Am Specialties

  • TDC-13


    Show #13 - F.A.S.T. Put on a great car show Friday night, met some great people, I met the Trans Am Zizturs and hung out with Paul from TransAm Country. Linkz: F-Body Association of St. Louis -> Trans Am Country -> 78 -> Sponsor: Trans Am Specialties -> Music: Superheros by MUNK -> Summertime by Brother Love ->

  • TDC-12


    Show 12 - Chip joins us as we talk about the new Camaro, If GM should re-issue the 69 Camaro, and The Barrett Jackson Effect - Music By Black Lab

  • TDC-11


    Show 11 - Dan joins me to talk about the Gold TA saga, how the paparazzi ruined Kirsten Dunst and Lindsey Lohan, Burt Reynolds edition 77 TA, only $130k!! - Music by Black Lab and Panic At The Disco.

  • TDC-10


    Saturday Coverage of 5th Annual Barret-Jackson Auction in Palm Beach Fl. You'll only hear the muscle cars in this show. Subscribe to the new feed @

  • TDC-09


    Top Dead Center - Barrett-Jackson coverage! Mopars dropped in value, Camaros are still going strong, Mustangs holding value, and still no 1st-2nd gen Trans Ams! Music by: Black Lab ! Attention, the feed is changing, go to for details!

  • TDC-08


    Show # 8 - Mike and Dan stop by to discuss the modern GM Duramax Diesel engine, and performance parts, and then the conversation takes a horrible turn. - Learn To Crawl by BLACK LAB

  • TDC-07


    New Camaro SS? RS? Z-28? "Wheel Controversy" - What about the convertible? Music "In Line To Die" - Jeremy Rowe R.I.P. Pumpkin 01/31/07

  • TDC-06


    Show #6 - A round table of car fanatics talk about everything from paint to Chip Foose - Music - Drive Away - Matthew Ebel

  • TDC-04


    Top Dead Center Show 4 - RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY!!! Music by Joboj

  • TDC-03


    Brett Campbell from Trans Am Specialties returns. We discuss: Different levels of restoration TA Specialties offers Overhaulin' - You're not helping the restoration industry Barrett Jackson Syndrome artificially inflating the price of clones 2009 Camaro 2009 Trans Am? What to do when you're too damn tall for the car you want "First Date" by Danko Jones

  • TDC-02


    Join me as I hang out at my friend Scott's house while he replaces a dented quarter panel with a new one, on his brothers car. We talk about our favorite movie cars, Scott's 69' GTO, and Jackass 2

  • TDC-01


    Introduction to the show Interview with Brett Campbell - TA Specialties Music by MUNK -

  • TDC-00


    Theme Music - "Dirty Work" By MUNK -

  • TDC-22


    #22 - The Barrett-Jackson Effect has officially infected the HotRod/RatRod industry Music: Yellow Cake (Heaflouride) - Ministry Contact: [email protected]

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