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  • C&K Ep. Greecian Earned Easter


    Welcome to Ep. 5 of “The CAIT ‘n KEV Show“! This Easter Eve recording happened months ago, but the show had been slow to edit due to illness, surgery, and time restraints. Many days later, the epic visit with Kozani, Greece, and Roanoke, Virginia, has been earned with such happiness and love… Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE: The Cait ‘n KEV Show Ep. 5 “Greecian Earned Easter”

  • C&K Show Ep. 4 “Our Journey”


    Welcome to Ep. 4 of The CAIT ‘n KEV Show. Tonight, we discussed Dr. Phil, Plants ‘n Zombies, Our Journeys, and The Sound of Music, then we will tell you some terrible Dad Jokes. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE: The C&K Show Ep. 4 “Our Journey”

  • C&K Ep. 3 “Distorted Lewis”


    In tonight’s episode, Caitlyn and I play the “Is Cait Cool?” Quiz. We also speak a lil Jerry Lewis as we discuss the game “Elden Ring” for Cait’s new PS5. After more Lewis, we discuss a lil frequency science and end the show with our cover of “Video Killed The Radio Star”!Enjoy the show!DOWNLOAD HERE: … More C&K Ep. 3 “Distorted Lewis”

  • C&K Show Ep. 2 “Baby Farms”


    In the episode; Caitlyn discusses her infantry babies, and I discuss the Double R Bar Burger. And as I discuss yard sales, Cait discusses her cough when her ear itches. Then we are discussed-ted.  DOWNLOAD HERE: The CAIT ‘n KEV Show Ep. 2 “Baby Farms”

  • C&K Ep. 1 “Recorded It”


    Please do enjoy “The Cait ‘n Kev Show”! We decided to try to make you guys laugh as best as we can. We record this for posterity, memories, and giggles ‘n shits. If you wish to participate with us, send your questions and comments about anything to: [email protected] DOWNLOAD HERE: The Cait ‘n KEV Show … More C&K Ep. 1 “Recorded It”

  • ZLL Ep. 1 “Spring Sunday”


    Welcome to episode 1 of “Zerb’s Lakeside Lullabies”. These recordings of the outdoors may be used used for relaxation, sleep, study, or just plain listening. Enjoy being lakeside on Sunday in the midst of Spring.  DOWNLOAD HERE: ZLL Ep. 1 “Spring Sunday”

  • 25 Years of Christmas Music


    Ladles and Jellyspoons, it is my upmost pleasure to give you ’25 Years of Christmas Music’ for absolutely free! This year’s Christmas Collection is now 25 years old. I thought it was time to share some songs that were in need of upgrades. Every song on this album has been remixed, remastered, and some even … More 25 Years of Christmas Music

  • FNZ Ep. 5 “Christmas Tendencies”


    Listen as Ferg and I discuss everything from the new word entrees to the Webster’s for 2021, new segments of ‘Sound Stories’ and ‘Best Scripts’, with Christmasmness and News to go! Enjoy!  DOWNLOAD HERE: FNZ Ep. 5 “Christmas Tendencies” LISTEN HERE:

  • STIX Ep. 1 “Xmas Music”


    DOWNLOAD HERE: STIX Ep. 1 “Xmas Music” Welcome to the first episode of STIX! Please enjoy as Sean and I record ourselves while discussing our favorite Christmasical topics. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!



    This is so late… the dog ate our show! HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEENZ! Enjoy as Ferg and I discuss Halloweenies, get a visit from ”Kermit” and the cast of ”SMARTLESS”, and a wellness check in as I lose my mind

  • The F’nZ Show Ep. 2 “Punching Norm’s Puppies”


    This show was actually recorded over a month ago and I had lost it. Now found, this show covers the passing of the late great Norm McDonald, Ferg and I getting into a fight, and the lifespan of different sized dogs. Enjoy!! DOWNLOAD HERE: The F’nZ Show Ep. 2 “Punching Norm’s Puppies”

  • Zerb’s Blerbs Ep. 3 “Zerb’s Halloween Party”


    DOWNLOAD HERE: ZB Ep. 3 “Zerb’s Halloween Party” I loved doing this! Thanks all who watched on Twitch and Facebook LIVE! I hope you enjoy streamed!This is audio from my live stream over at the www.zerbinator.com under “Zerbinator Land“. More Blerb’s coming soon! Enjoy!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! STREAM THE VIDEO HERE: “Zerbinator’s Halloween Party”

  • JL Ep. 3 Music and Stories LIVE


    Welcome to episode 3 of “Jack’s Lantern”! Do to the fact I haven’t had time again to get with Matt and record, I decided to make up for it by performing music and stories LIVE on Facebook at 9:30pm, 10.22.21. In that 40 minutes of entertainment, I thought… record this and make it ep. three.ENJOY!! … More JL Ep. 3 Music and Stories LIVE

  • Jack’s Lantern Ep. 2 “Costumes, Tricks, and Treats”


    Sit and enjoy as we try to explain the then’s and now’s of Halloween past and Halloweens present. DOWNLOAD HERE: JL Ep.2 “Costumes, Tricks and Treats”

  • Jack’s Lantern Ep. 1 “Candy and Costumes”


    Happy October!! So glad to try to explain the then’s and now’s of Halloween past and Halloweens present. Yes, two over 50’s talking about the gooden’s. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE: Jack Lantern Ep. 1 “Candy and Costumes”

  • The F ‘N Z Show Ep.1 “Finding Peace”


    Welcome to episode one of “The F ‘n Z Show” with hosts Ferg Ferguson and Zerb Zerbinator! Please sit back and relax as we discuss our situations since the “Please Stand By” podcast, and the hopes of staying sane until we reach our next episode. It’s so good to be back!Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE: The F … More The F ‘N Z Show Ep.1 “Finding Peace”

  • Jack’s Lantern – The Halloween Podcast Promo


    Please enjoy a promo from Matt and Me for – “Jack’s Lantern – The Halloween Podcast” starting Friday, October 1st, 2021!BE AFRAID!!! BE VERY AFRAID… (Jack’s Lantern – The Halloween Podcast Audio Promo – Downloadable)

  • FCZ Ep. 1 “Escaping The Island”


    I’m so very, very excited to share one of my favorite things to do! Play a video game with someone (Ferg Ferguson) watching with me as we make fun ‘n stuff! What you are about to enjoy is a parody spin of the Far Cry PC Game Series. You can watch the VIDEO or just … More FCZ Ep. 1 “Escaping The Island”

  • ZB Ep. 2 “Untitled Still”


    DOWNLOAD: Zerb’s Blerbs Ep. 2 “Untitled Still” Welcome to the 2nd episode of such a wonderful show! I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you don’t. I promise to change whatever you think needs it. Enjoy!

  • PSB Ep. 94 “COVID19”


    DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 94 “COVID19” Tonight Ferg and I discuss what we’ve seen. We also try to make you laugh. Love each other so much it makes you cry and know that if you know me, I love you. Enjoy.

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