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  • Episode 7: Narrative Role Playing


    This episode got mauled by some random editing, so everything other than the topic got mauled. Luckily, the topic remained, and is actually really good in our opinion. We hope you like it as much as we do.Seven divided by two is three and a half. High school education, you fail me once more.How to make a narrative RPG (or as Mark likes to call it, how to play Dread right now)The Mystery of the StickAdd Native Americans to people Michael accidentally offendsOur exposure to narrative role-playing (Also, our more quick listeners will pick up on my ultra-ninja code-talking)I'd like to note that I had, and still have, no clue whether the term 'gimped out' means overpowered or underpowered. Feel free to send hate mail to [email protected].com. Your mail will be read aloud on the show if it is in limerick form.Michael's narrative experience and it's necessity from the story he tells (about D&D god kings of space winning everything forever)Mark's Long History with Role Playing GamesMary Sue's adventureThe

  • Episode 6: Fear the Con


    WARNING: This episode includes medium levels of cursing. Listener discretion is advised.What We've Been PlayingMichael:- Resident Evil 5 Year Old- Street Fighter 4- Masher vs. Capcom 3- Working on gamesJeff:- Culdcept Saga- The 'Villes- Some sculpting of where his RPG group wants to go- SECRETS?!?Mark:- Demon's Crest for the SNES is old school. Who would've guessed?Wins and Fails:Mark:+ Infinite Tower...for whatever reason ( Mega Man Upon a Star ( The Nintento 3DS for resounding meh-nosity (also a FFXIII reference)- Mark's completely wonderful worthless notesMichael:+ Youtube username: Behrudy, and Youtube username: levelupseries (Warning, the former is very obscene) Also, for those who don't get my joke, Justin Wong is in the top-3 Street Fighter players ever+ The Darkness 2 (Info at; buy the first one at

  • The Real Episode 4: Gaming Accessories


    This episode be SCREWED UP, with only 5 minutes being actually in it. This is because Audacity crashed while MP3inating the file, and I wasn't paying attention. For Episode 4, check the post labeled "The Real Episode 4"

  • A Shorty: The Duty of the Player


    This episode got cut short due to some connection issues combined with file loss. There should still be some good stuff in there though. There will be a full sized episode next week.-Mark is oddly existential, and plays hard to spell games that inspire other games that are disturbing-Jeff likes board games-Michael has lame problems, and cannibalized Julius Caesar-The Duty of the Player, both to the other players and partially to the GM (before the audio explodes)

  • Episode 2: Urban Mythology


    This episode was recorded a long long time ago, around Thanksgiving, so that'll explain those puns and comments. Also, I'm still iffy on intro music, plus I forgot :DWhat We're PlayingThe History of the Use of Urban MythologyThe Categories and the Implementation of Urban MythologyWins and Fails:Michael:+ Minecraft+ The Walking Dead- Left 4 Dead Space 2- CoDBlOps and AC: BrohoodJeff:+ Battlestar Galactica Board Game+ Shear Panic- Fantasy Flight for Overmilking BG- Open World GamesMark:+XSEED for making sequels

  • Episode 1: Transitioning Between RPGs and Video Games


    Segment 1: Who the hell are *we*, anyway?: The Pedigrees Jeff Interviews Michael: 1) Name, Rank, Serial Number? Which means name, age, what city do you live in, what you do for a living, and what else you do for fun. 2) When did you first know you were a tabletop gamer? 3) When did you first know you were a video gamer? 4) If you were to pick the first work in tabletop RPGs that really influenced you, which would it be? 5) If you were to pick your favorite tabletop RPG, over all you've ever played, which would it be and why? 6) What tabletop RPG would you recommend to anyone to pick up right now? 7) What video game would you recommend to anyone to pick up right now? 8) What trend in tabletop RPGs most excites you? 9) What trend in tabletop RPGs is going the wrong way? 10) What trend in video games most excites you? 11) What trend in video games is going the wrong way? Michael Interviews Mark: Mark Interviews Jeff Same Deal. Segment 2: How are tabletop RPGs and video games meeting in the middle? Jeff, ,