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  • Max#56: Alex Adamopoulos Emergn CEO discussing how to make learning more effective


    Welcome to episode 56 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. I would hazard a guess that the majority of you tuning into this podcast do so because you have a passion for continuous learning and professional development that you can apply within your career and workplace. Yet, if you are like me, you are inundated with so many different avenues and formats of learning that it makes it incredibly difficult to choose what you believe will be the one that offers the most benefit to you or your team. And it was having a conversation about this very issue that led me to the interview we’re featuring today. I would like to introduce Alex Adamopolous who was someone who did take the time to question the effectiveness of traditional approaches to learning and came up with his own strategy to enable learning to be quicker, more memorable and ultimately more effective. Here is Alex to explain more…     Key messages from Alex: I went into this interview with the premise that it would be focussed solely on the tec

  • Max#55: Neil Laughton – how I maximise my potential


    Welcome to episode 55 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to share the accounts of individuals who have created multi-million pound businesses, faced near-death experiences, have broken world records, made countless sacrifices to achieve their dreams and have found an inner strength to drawn upon at times of despair. Yet in testament to the wonderful array of interviews that we have shared on this podcast, the individual who you are about to listen to has somehow managed to tick each and every one of these boxes. Please allow me to introduce you all to Neil Laughton and allow him to share some of his inspirational stories with you on the Maximise Potential Podcast… Key messages from Neil: As with all of our interviews, I’m always left with a sense of awe at the level of accomplishment individuals, such as Neil, have been able to amass within their life. As always, I find myself jotting down one note after another when I’m playing back the interviews – and

  • Max#54: Clara Mosha – from high blood pressure risk to champion body builder


    After a bit of a break, we are pleased to be back with episode 54 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. In today's interview, I'm very proud to introduce a truly inspirational individual who embarked on a journey of self-discovery and, in her own words, a journey that enabled her to feel as if she had completely started her life over again. I'm not going to give away the details of Clara Mosha's story, but in my opinion it embodies so many of the personal and character traits, such as persistence, adaptability and a commitment to life-long learning, that we have witnessed with such regularity in the people who have shared their stories on this podcast. This episode is a little longer than most, so please get comfortable, grab a tea or coffee, and enjoy another episode of the Maximise Potential Podcast. Key messages from Clara: Every time I listen to this interview with Clara, I can't help but get caught up with her energy and enthusiasm. I think Clara's desire to learn and by doing so, take control of he

  • Max#53: Katie Page ‘I was paralysed, but now I train Olympic athletes’


    Welcome back to episode 53 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve managed to share some incredible accounts of individuals battling adversity, however, in many ways our interview today takes this subject to an entirely new level. At the age of 19, Katie Page had her entire life, as she knew it at that time, taken away from her. Even worse was the fact that she was given no hope that her situation would ever change. However, Katie refused to accept that this was going to be her life’s path and was determined to create a different future for herself, one that has led her to an incredibily fulfilling life whilst also becoming one of the most respected individuals within her profession. Here is Katie to tell us her inspirational story… Key messages from Katie:   I think Katie’s story is a perfect example of how you never have to accept the views and perspectives of others, even in the most extreme of situations. Katie has shown us all that if you are passionate eno

  • Max#52: ‘Giving your mind choices and flexibility’ by Vicky Ross (part 2 of 2)


    Welcome back to episode 52 of the Maximise Potential Podcast and the 2nd installment of our interview with leading NLP Trainer, Vicky Ross. Part 1 of this series focussed on introducing John La Valle's concept of 'Good and Bad Brain Juice' and in part 2 Vicky shall now go on to explain how we can alter our brain juice in order to give us more choices in how we respond to particular situations or circumstances, with the ultimate goal of enabling us to achieve a more positive array of outcomes from those situations. Without any further delay, here is Vicky to complete her two part podcast series on Good and Bad Juice. Key messages from Vicky: I have to admit that there were several light-bulb moments for me when I was recording this podcast with Vicky, especially when Vicky explained that if we only give our brain one way of dealing situation, then that's how our bodies will respond. Yet, all we have to do is provide it with more options, or choices, and it will choose the path that is most likely to ach

  • Max#51: ‘Good and Bad Brain Juice’ by Vicky Ross (part 1 of 2)


    I wonder how many times you've asked yourself why you always get nervous before certain meetings and when you're asked to deliver a presentation, or why you shy away from networking events or even opening particular emails. In summary, why some situations fill you with nervous, tense feelings yet why other situations lift your mood, relax you and bring a smile to your face. According to John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, these feelings are all simply caused by chemical changes in our body, something he refers to as 'Good and Bad Brain Juice.' To understand this in more detail we've invited Vicky Ross, one of the most experienced NLP Trainers in the UK, to join us on the Podcast. Vicky has kindly offered to record a two part series where she helps us to firstly understand how we create our 'Brain Juice' and then, in part 2, to help us understand how we can change our Brain Juice if it's not benefiting us in a particular situation... Key messages from Vicky: we have around 100,000 thoughts

  • Max#50: Steve Wernick – how cancer changed my life


    Sharing the stories of those who have faced adversity in their lives has been a key undertone since we launched this Podcast. In relation to this, one topic that continues to affect more people directly as well as indirectly is cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support states that a decade ago about a third of people, developed cancer at some point in their lives. The charity's latest research shows that figure has risen to more than 40%. In today's interview we meet Steve Wernick, who shares his story of facing and beating cancer, whilst going onto explain how living through this chapter of his life changed how he approached and prioritised his family, his career, his decision-making and himself.... Key messages from Steve: I took an incredible array of notes and messages from Steve's interview, and I've attempted to share some of them with you here: What Steve said about how most of us worry about things that have not happened and will probably not happen and as a result create completely avoidable stress by

  • Max#49: Janine Roebuck – Opera Singer


    Welcome back to episode 49 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. In today’s episode we are extremely fortunate to be sitting with one of Britain’s most respected and popular Opera Singers, Janine Roebuck. With a versatile mezzo-soprano voice, Janine has played leading roles in some of the world’s most famous opera houses enchanting audiences with her emotional performances, yet throughout the years Janine, like so many other people who appear on this Podcast, has faced a multitude of challenges as she has strived to follow her passion and maximise her potential. Here is Janine to share her story with us all on the Maximise Potential Podcast … Key messages from Janine: We have interviewed so many people now on the Podcast who have all overcome challenges of their own in order to enable them to realise their goals and in many cases, their dreams. Janine’s story epitomises this in a truly awe inspiring manner. Personally I’m stilling coming to terms with the magnitude of what Janine has overcome to realise

  • Max#48: Tom Needs – Rackspace


    Welcome back to episode 48 of the Maximise Potential Podcast. In this episode we’ve managed to catch up with a senior international manager responsible for over 700 customers, in excess of 200 staff, who are spread throughout 135 countries. Tom Needs has enjoyed a progressive and extremely rewarding career and in our interview today openly shares his experiences of being a manager, how he developed his management style, what has personally driven him to progress his career and the importance of finding a working culture that reflected his own personal values. It’s not too often that you have the opportunity to hear a senior executive discuss these issues in such depth, so please enjoy… Key messages from Tom: As I mentioned at the beginning of this interview, it’s a rare opportunity to hear a senior executive talk so openly, in such depth and with so much passion about their career, role and organisition. Instead of drawing on several points from Tom’s interview, I’ve chosen just one – purpose. This w

  • Max#47: Vanessa Vallely – The Queen of the City


    Vanessa Vallely is considered by the Financial News as one of the most 100 Influential Women in Finance, by Brummels as one of the 30 Top Women in The City and was crowned as the Champion for Women at the 2011 Banking and Finance Awards. In addition to her flourishing corporate career, Vanessa is an entrepreneur, mentor and charity champion. Vanessa is known to some as the Queen of the City and to others as The City's most connected Womanâ yet to everyone she is known as someone with energy, flair and above all passion. Key messages from Vanessa: Personally, this is one interview that I've gone back to listened to about three times to give me the opportunity to absorb the volume of information that Vanessa shares with us. One of my favourite parts is right at the start when Vanessa says how she could see the Tallest City Buildings from her bedroom window and that one day she was going to work there. That is clearly a very powerful memory for her, even now all these years later. From a personality pers

  • Max#46: Lucy Morris – living with Marfan Sydrome


    As regular listeners of the podcast are well aware, our aim is to constantly seek out diverse interviews and stories that will give us all a different perspective on life and just before Christmas I was introduced to an incredible young lady called Lucy Morris. 12 year old Lucy has not broken any records, scaled any mountains, launched a successful business, or written a best-selling book. Lucy's story is completely different to any of these, yet equally compelling. Anyone who meets Lucy will immediately see a girl who likes to ride horses, swim, go to school (mostly) and enjoy the kind of life that any other 12 year old would have with their friends and family. Yet, scratch beneath the surface and you quickly discover that Lucy has spent her entire life in and out of hospital, for operation after operation, the most recent of which was to stabilise a potentially life-threatening heart condition. However what took me aback was just how Lucy takes all of this in her stride and this is why I felt it was im

  • Max#45: Dave Sissens – raising the bar and reaching the North Pole


    We have a fascinating interview in store today that covers so many of the topics that we have developed this podcast around. Goal setting, going after the impossible, where to find your inner strength and motivation, the power of true teamwork and how your mind will give you all the answers you need if you just ask it the right questions, are just some of the subjects that our guest discusses. Today our interview is with Dave Sissens, whose mantra is to 'constantly raise the bar' and by doing so how he seeks to take himself out of his familiar surroundings, in order to present an array of fresh challenges that enable him to keep growing, developing and learning. I hope you enjoy the wealth of information Dave shares as he describes how he strives to maximise his own potential. Key messages from Dave: 'I need to finish this to come back alive' is a line that I can't shake from my mind. It's left me wondering how many of us have ever taken on a challenge that has put us in that situation and equally how

  • Max#44: Kevin Betts – 52 marathon man


    Most people in the UK will remember 2012 for the impact that the London Olympics made upon the nation. However, in the eyes of many it was the nationwide journey of the Olympic Torch prior to the start of the Games that stimulated the incredible interest in the Olympics themselves. Each torchbearer had their own inspirational story and one such individual was 28 year old resident of Worthing, Kevin Betts who was nominated by his community for his incredible fund raising efforts for charity and also the dedication he has shown in helping others less fortunate than himself. Here is Kevin to share his very personal and moving story with us.   Key messages from Kevin: You are the Architect of your own future - no one else! Central Governor Theory - your body is capable of going much further than you realise I'm an ordinary bloke - anyone can achieve what I achieve If you're not failing on a regular basis, then your not setting yourself goals that are challenging enough If you find happiness in yoursel

  • Max#43: Abi Griffiths – developing my career in television


    Abi Griffiths is one of the rising stars of TV presenting, regularly appearing on Sky, ESPN, The BBC and most recently coming off an incredibly hectic Olympic and Paralympic schedule. When you meet Abi it's clear to see why she is in such demand as her enthusiasm and energy flow with an incredible abundance. What is also very clear is the amount of investment Abi has made within herself over the years to equip her with not just the technical skills, but also the mental skills required to excel within this very competitive profession. Here is Abi to explain this in more detail... Key messages from Abi: You've left us with so many points to draw from, such as the importance of being present Not being too hard on yourself Making sure you work through your emotions Finding your own technique that will enable you to get into a good state. Connect with Abi: WEBSITE: TWITTER: @abigriffiths1 Rate the Maximise Potential Podcast on i-Tunes:

  • Max#42: Fiona Campbell – How we achieve successful results


    On episode 24 of the Maximise Potential Podcast we interviewed Fiona Campbell, a globally renowned Leadership Development Trainer and Author, who introduced us all to the fundamentals of Nurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and today, we are very pleased to join Fiona once again. A short time ago I was participating in a training course run by Fiona who was discussing the subject of successful outcomes and how, when seeking to improve our outcomes, the majority of people focus their efforts in the wrong place. Up until this point, I like most others had always assumed that in order to change the outcome of any situation you must focus on changing the actions that you put into it. However, Fiona explained that changing your actions alone will not nessessarily lead to improved results, explaining how you must begin the process of change by initially focusing internally, upon your thoughts and feelings. Here is Fiona to explain more... Key messages from Fiona: T (thoughts) F (feelings) A (actions) = R (resu

  • Max#41: Jora Gill (CTO) – making the right decisions in business


    On episode 27 of the Maximise Potential Podcast we interviewed Jora Gill, a globally renowned CTO, who provided us with an incredible insight into the approach he has taken to maximise his career and today, we are very pleased to join Jora once again. In today's interview, we gain an exclusive insight into how Jora keep his thinking fresh, gains new ideas and perspectives which ultimately enable him to make extremely effective decisions. We explore the pressures that are put upon Senior Managers and discuss how decision making approaches need to differ throughout the short, medium and long term and how each of these play an integral role in enabling you to develop a highly-motivated team, and by doing so reach your long-term organisational goal. I feel fortunate that within this interview, we've captured a CTO willing to open up about the issues that he is facing on a daily basis, explaining how he overcomes these and advances his organisation at the same time. Key messages from Jora: Get passionate a

  • Max#40: Roz Savage – record-breaking ocean rower


    To those who looked in at the life of Roz Savage several years ago, they would have seen someone who appeared to have it all - the A grade graduate, the successful Management Consultant, living the central London lifestyle that goes with it. Yet, little did they know how out of place Roz felt in this life and how she was constantly facing an array of internal battles with herself. In our interview today we embark upon the journey Roz undertook in order to discover who she really was and what her life's path should be. A path that has led her to become one of the most acclaimed solo ocean rowers in the world. There was only a very small window where I was able to catch up with Roz to record this interview, which we did at the Thames Rowing Club in Putney. As a result, there is a little more background noise than normal, including some clinking as the Bar was re-stocked, so please accept my apologies for that. Key messages from Roz: Ensure that you live a life you can (look back on and) be proud of If

  • Max#39: Marc Koska – inventor of the K1 auto-disable syringe


    At one time or another we have all been inspired by an article or television programme, which prompted us to say "I have to do something about that." Yet, no matter how sincere we are with this statement, in the cold light of day and with our daily responsibilities firmly back in the forefront of our mind, our intentions to serve the greater good often take a back seat. However, in today's Maximise Potential interview we have an individual who did not allow 'the noise' of daily life to dampen his desire to act upon an article he read, and has, since 1984 devoted his entire adult life to solving a problem of Global significance. Without funding, training or experience Marc Koska set himself the target of iradicating the spread of disease and death through unsafe injections, which accounts for more global deaths each year than Maleria. Here is Marc to share the high's and low's of his incredible journey whilst giving us a wonderful insight into his approach to life in general. Key messages from Marc: T

  • Max#38: Chris Brisley – Take a Challenge


    Have you ever taken the time to imagine how you would react if your career prematurely ended, or your house and all your life savings were lost, or if your health was taken away. Having the strength of character to re-build your life from any one of those extreme examples is a virtue that none of us ever knows if we possess, until that moment arises. However, now imagine if all of those happened to you in a period of your life that spanned less than a decade. In today's interview we meet Chris Brisley, who is someone that lived through this exact experience. In this very honest interview Chris re-counts how he responded to those challenges, sharing what he learnt about his own character and explaining the lessons he now applies in his life to help him through challenges when faced with them now . . . . Key messages from Chris: I think Chris has left us in no uncertain terms that in his opinion 'time' is the most important commodity that we all possess, and it is the use of time that plays the key rol

  • Max#37: Planning for the unexpected in Business – Patrick O’Connor


    The question of "What if" is largely one that we all try and sidestep within our businesses, as we all hope that the unexpected will never happen to us. Yet, when the unexpected does happen it is the companies that have dedicated the time and resource to answering that question, that feel the least disruption and can return to business much faster than their competitors. In a period where all organisations are seeking ways to ensure that their business model is constantly available to serve customers, being able to answer the "what if" question should be viewed as a key priority. Today we are fortunate to have an interview with Patrick O'Connor, who was responsible for ensuring that a Global Investment Bank could continue trading under any foreseen and un-foreseen circumstances. However, as Pat's story unfolds you will understand the extremities to which his contingency plans and distaster recovery strategies were tested to their absolute limit . . . Key messages from Pat: I personally felt that Pat'

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