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After 7 years of being obsessed with freedom, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and Chief Adventurer of the multiple six-figure business 'The Suitcase Entrepreneur', Natalie Sisson realised even though she had finally earned a ton of freedom, she didn't truly understand what it meant. So in 2017 she is embarking on a Quest for Freedom, designed to help her, and you, discover what freedom really means. She's taking a business sabbatical, and putting all her years experience of coaching others to build freedom businesses, into the hands of her small but talented team, her systems and sales funnels, to see if they will stand the test of time, so that Natalie can fire herself from her business in April. Join Natalie on her year of becoming a student of life. Each season she'll experiment with a new facet of freedom including personal, physical, relationship and financial freedom, with herself as the guinea pig. Full details at


  • Eps 126: Brain Habits to Boost Productivity With Dr Nicole Byers

    13/07/2021 Duração: 29min

    Imagine you could implement certain brain habits to boost productivity.Your brain is incredible.It’s a high-functioning machine that keeps your entire body working every single second of the day.How do you keep that beautiful brain in top condition?How do you make sure it’s being as productive as it can be?How do you make sure you’re using all your resources properly so that your brain is as effective as possible?Dr Nicole Byers is a neuropsychologist, speaker, host of The Bold Life podcast, and CEO of Rocky Mountain Neurosciences in Calgary, Canada. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Saskatchewan, she is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor with the University of Calgary, and she has published articles in professional journals on the topics of brain health and neuroscience. She’s an ambitious overachiever herself, a self-described neuroscience nerd, and mom to one very opinionated preschooler who keeps her on her toes. Nicole helps folks overcome the mental habits that are

  • Eps 125: Baby-Proof Your Business to Run Without You!

    06/07/2021 Duração: 25min

    If you had to take some time off (like...a loooong time off) would your business survive without you?This is the question I’ve been grappling with, because I’m almost a mama!Can you believe it? Baby Leo is coming, and he’s coming soon! We are in full-on baby-planning mode. Preparing ourselves, the house, the dogs...everything!So, it makes sense to prepare my business for this major moment, too, right?Even if you’re not planning on having a baby, this is important stuff.Maybe you’ve thought about taking a sabbatical, or a long holiday, or a big-ass adventure! Whatever the reason, how do you step away from your business and make sure that it runs like a total boss while you’re away?You need systems, processes, an amazing team, and, most importantly you need to learn to let go!In this episode we uncover: ✅ Why it’s so important to SIMPLIFY your business, so you can nail tasks and systems✅ The importance of writing up operational guidelines so that your team can be the bomb dot com when taking over your

  • Eps 124: Produce Scalable Profits Using Facebook Groups with Christina Jandali

    29/06/2021 Duração: 46min

    Are you ready to produce scalable profits? Who isn’t really?I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE BOX ANYMORE! GET ME OUT OF THE BOX!This is what Christina Jandali yells five minutes into our chat. She was trying to scale her business, and just couldn’t get there. So, she decided to find the secret to success. And she found it through Facebook groups, would you believe!BAM. That’s when things changed. And she shares all she knows about scalable profits in this fantastic conversation on the Untapped Podcast.Christina is a confidence-boosting, cash-creating Business Growth Strategist who helps coaches and course creators build a raving fan base and produce scalable profits by hosting a free Facebook group. She is a self-made millionaire who started her business from ground zero during maternity leave from her corporate job when she decided it was time to build her own dreams, not someone else's. She's since worked with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to create their own predictable cash flow machin

  • Eps 123: Discover Your Money Mindset Archetype with Emily King

    22/06/2021 Duração: 51min

    Are you ready to discover your money mindset archetype?Are you ready to step into your greatness and DO your business?Are you ready to take action?Your money mindset is HUGE. Really. It could be the thing standing between you and more abundance in your business.What if you took control, knew your worth, raised your prices, and really started to level up your income? Emily King is a wealth & abundance coach for entrepreneurial women and the founder of The Rich Woman signature coaching program.  Since 2015 she’s worked with 100s of women to help them create a loving relationship with money so they can massively increase their income and impact.  Armed with an MBA and certifications as an NLP practitioner, timeline therapist and pilates instructor (yes--all those things!), Emily brings the perfect mix of manifesting-woo and business chops to the table to help women across the world live their best ‘Rich Woman’ lives - a life of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun.In this episode w

  • Eps 122: The Magic of Messaging and Heart-Centred Selling With Kate Hore-Lacy

    14/06/2021 Duração: 46min

    Is it possible to get jazzed about sales?How do we approach sales in a way that makes us excited, and also taps into our inner selves, and into our prospects’ inner selves?Sound too good to be true?I know!But it’s not. It’s TOTALLY doable and in this week’s episode we’re unlocking all the juiciness of ethical sales, that makes your heart (and your customers’) go BOOM.Kate Hore-Lacy was awarded the position of state sales manager at just 19 and went on to become one of the top recruitment consultants in Australia, earning over $30,000 a month in her mid-20s.  She opened her own agency at 27 and then got a break to become a professional singer, where she did over 1500 gigs. After a close friend, a heart-centered entrepreneur, shared with Kate that she was struggling to get even ONE sale after an expensive and exhausting launch, Kate stepped in and turned her launch around.  Now Kate is a business strategist, sales and mindset mentor (known as "Sales Yogi") and she is on a mission to hel

  • EPS 121: How Virtual Summits Can Skyrocket Your List and Income

    06/06/2021 Duração: 48min

    Sit back, lean in and learn a ton as I take you behind the scenes of my first ever Virtual Summit, which I ran on May 25-27,with the most incredible speakers from around the world.It’s called The Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to Earn 10K a Month and it’s still available for you to access with a VIP pass.I learned that virtual summits, done right, are one of the most powerful ways to make connections, build credibility, grow your list and your bank account.I also knew from experience that I wanted this summit to be done differently, and I wanted this whole experience to be fun for my team! That was really important to me.You know I love full transparency, so in this episode I wanted to reveal the full shebang of how I came up with the idea of this summit, through to actually making it happen (and making it profitable).I give you the full, honest breakdown of what it was really like putting together my very first summit and how it actually went.In this episode we uncover: ✅ How to plan for a Virtual Summit

  • Eps 120: Learn To Love And Grow Your Email List With Kate Doster

    31/05/2021 Duração: 57min

    How do you learn to love and grow your email list?Remember that mad romance you had?The one that got you right in the stomach with the flutters. The one that made your heart beat faster. The one where you ate, breathed and slept the possibility of it all?Imagine feeling that way about your email list.Imagine writing emails and getting your subscribers to engage with you and take action, as easily as it is to get a puppy to fall in love with chest rubs.Kate Doster is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs. She helps you to woo open the hearts (and wallets) of your small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and easy-to-say-yes-to mini-offers.Are you ready to get your email list to fall in love with you? You certainly will be after you’ve listened to our amazing conversation on how to grow an amazing list that converts!In this episo

  • EPS 119: Simplifying Your Business to Make More Money

    24/05/2021 Duração: 18min

    Simplifying your business is probably one of the smartest moves you will ever make to make more money.I’m talking about becoming known for ONE thing.Having ONE core offer that rocks.ONE framework, solution, methodology that everyone knows you for.Terrifying though that may seem for many, you can’t deny the power of focusing in on your one thing.As Tony Robbins once said, ‘Focus goes where energy flows’.And curse him, but he’s right. As are the authors of the fantastic book The One Thing - The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.So if you put ALL your focus into ONE damn thing, guess what, all your energy, all the momentum and all the greatness will be lasered in on making it amazing, epic and transformative.That boss move alone will mean more income for you, more profit, more clarity, more incredible customers and clients, and more power!It will also mean way less overwhelm, less being spread too thin, less drain on you, your resources, your time and energy, and less doing all the things an

  • EPS 118: 7 Gems of Advice to Monetise You

    17/05/2021 Duração: 20min

    This week I”m giving you  7 gems of advice to monetise you from some of the successful, powerful, phenomenal women who are part of my first ever Monetise You Summit! If you haven’t got your tickets yet….sign up for free at the...Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to $10K Months. It’s happening 25-27th May and it’s jam-packed with tips, advice, wisdom, knowledge and step-by-step action plans for you to start monetising yourself using what you already have!In this episode we uncover: ✅ How to put together coaching packages that people will buy, making your business scalable;✅ How monetising yourself can get you out of the day-to-day rat race, and give you the freedom you’re craving;✅ How to build up a podcast audience from scratch and how that audience will support your business when you’re ready;✅ That monetising yourself through a blog and growing your business is totally doable;✅ That if you create a solution people are after, that’s half the battle won;✅ How creating a book series is one of th

  • EPS 117: 5 Unique Ways to Earn More Income

    10/05/2021 Duração: 30min

    It’s time! It’s time for 5 more unique ways to earn more income.This follows on from last week’s episode where we looked at 5 ways to monetise YOU! This is all part of something I am so excited about! It’s the called Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to $10K Months.It’s happening 25-27th May and iIt’s going to be incredible.Here are thirty more minutes of awesome for you to listen to, so that you can find out five more ways you can bring in more income, doing things you already know and LOVE, just by being you.We’re talking FREEDOM, people. Income, bennies and holidays! Time for you to be YOU.In this episode we uncover: ✅ How to create online courses and the different things you can do with them to grow your list, grow your income, and teach people what you know✅ Affiliate marketing - say what? Get in on this, because it’s hot. So much is possible!✅ VIP experiences are amazing, for you and your guests. How do you create these and what can they do for you?✅ How service-based businesses can let you share y

  • EPS 116: 5 Killers Ways to Monetise YOU

    03/05/2021 Duração: 23min

    I got five killer ways to monetise you and build a business around your uniqueness.I could walk up to you in a cafe and you could tell me a tiny snippet of your life story and I’d launch into a whole THANG about how you could get paid to simply be you.I’m not joking. It’s one of the things I’m most passionate about in the whole world. And it happens to be my superpower.I’ve been doing it, myself, for over 12 years.So, think about it: What if you could take a skill you already have and monetise it? Pretty amazing, right?We’re talking about an income stream that you can create with all the stuff you already have bubbling inside of you: your knowledge, your personality, your uniqueness.Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today. The five ways you can monetise yourself by being you.I’m also hosting my first ever summit from 25th-27th May, where I speak to ten incredible women about their own journeys to profitable businesses, that they built simply by being them.It’s called Monetise You: 10 Ways to

  • EPS 115: Untame Your Wild and Own Your Worth Like a Boss with Angie Cole

    26/04/2021 Duração: 44min

    Are you playing it safe?Is there a wilder version of yourself inside of you, waiting (begging) to be released?WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (That’s me yelling. Not at you. WITH you, you wild beast of gorgeousness.)When you outsource your self-worth, you just can’t play and experiment and infuse your work with possibility...because you’re too busy trying to please everyone. It’s time to unveil all of you so that you have even more potential to design a business you love and get paid to be you.Today I’m talking to Angie Cole about all things wild. We’re mixing it up and jamming about mindset and self-worth, but also super-tactical and practical ways to tap into your potential.Angie is a coach and mentor who works with gritty, come hell or high water humans determined to create work that keeps them lit up and well-paid. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? It’s time to step into your truth…because you do not have to settle. It’s time to get yourself lit up, well-paid and walking on the wild side!I

  • EPS 114: How to Find Your Thought Leadership Message & Signature Talk Topic With Carol Cox

    19/04/2021 Duração: 40min

    Hold onto your hair! Today I’m showing you how to find your thought leadership message and signature talk. Do you have a big message you want to share with the world? Maybe you have something you want to talk about with other people.You have a VOICE! And it’s time to get it out there.It doesn’t have to be onstage. I’m talking podcasts, summits, conferences, workshops, and all the other juicy opportunities out there.It’s time to reach a wider audience, create new opportunities, increase your revenue like the badass boss that you are.Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand®, a coaching and training company that helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks and thought leadership platforms. Carol is host of the weekly 5-star rated Speaking Your Brand® podcast and during election seasons serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Through her company and content, her mission is to empower more women to find and use their voice, to te

  • EPS 113: How to Use Live Online Events to Grow Your List and Make More Sales

    12/04/2021 Duração: 17min

    Hold on up, lovely! Because I am about to teach you how to use live events to grow your list and make more sales!One of the things we’ve all missed the most during this pandemic has been events. Am I right? Whether you love throwing them or attending them, there’s nothing quite like getting that gorgeous outfit on, spritzing on the perfume, wearing your fave lippy, and enjoying connecting with other people. So, we went online. And here we are now, looking to create the best online events ever!Today, I’m riffing on how live events could be a valuable part of your business-building strategy.In this episode we uncover: ✅ How you can plan your monthly trainings, so you’re set for the year (and other tips and tricks);✅ How you can bring in different leads, with different needs, specific to all your trainings;✅ How to use live events to show people what you do, and why they need you in their life and bizz;✅ And what I know about people who are nervous about speaking in public, and how they overcome t

  • EPS 112: How To Use Webinars To Grow Your Business Like A Ninja

    05/04/2021 Duração: 41min

    This week we’re taking things up a notch. We’re talking about how to use webinars to grow your business like a ninja.*Cue me karate-chopping all the inner critic noise in my head about webinar saturation when I’m next prepping for a webinar*There are so many innovative ways to use webinars to grow your list, your sales, and your audience. Especially in this age when people are little webinar-fatigued.So this week I talk to Omar Zenhom about how to use webinars to grow your business like a ninja.Omar Zenhom is co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, and host of the popular podcast The $100 MBA Show.  With over a million webinar attendees to date, WebinarNinja has grown rapidly since its founding in 2014; Academy Ocean named WebinarNinja one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies of 2018. Woot. That is UNREAL.But here’s the thing...we jammed about SO MUCH MORE than webinars in this podcast - from longevity to success to lifestyle and everything in between.In this episode we uncover: ✅  Wheth

  • EPS 111: Suck It Up, Princess: A Special Audio Reading For My Heroines

    29/03/2021 Duração: 22min

    What is a book launch without a book reading? It is not a book launch, that’s what!I am so jazzed because this week I’m reading you a couple of chapters from my new book, Suck it up, Princess. Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms.Refreshingly direct and inspiring, this book will show how to finally develop the right mindset, habits and strategies to kick your inner critic, doubts, fears and perfectionism to the curb, and instead kick ass!I wrote this book because you are a heroine! For real. And you deserve to tap into your hidden potential, and leverage your unique talents and skills to create the life you truly want to live. Basically, I wrote this book to turn you into a totally unapologetic badass, with radical honesty and a big dose of humour.It’s packed with my own transformational personal stories, proven methods, and practical advice so you can learn how to:Under

  • EPS 110: Princess Talk: I get interviewed about my new book!

    22/03/2021 Duração: 43min

    Suck it up, Princess. I know that my book title is going to put some people off.They’re going to look at it and go...this isn’t the book for me.And I am totally down with that. If it doesn’t speak to you, that is okay.But, what about the sub-title of the book?Real-life strategies to be the heroine you already are and have the money, success and life you deserve.Is that more your jam?Here’s the deal: Suck it up, Princess is something I said to myself in a moment of self-pity. The more I thought about it, the more I was like, “Hell, Nat. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, Princess.”See, when the princess starts to suck it up and she steps into her power, that’s when she becomes a Queen. And that’s exactly what I want for you, Princess.You can trust me when I say that this book will make you laugh, think, feel inspired, and in moments when you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself, you’ll be able to use the strategies I share and recommend in my book to move into a place of taking back life on your own term

  • EPS 109: The Art of Self-Publishing Your Book (and behind the scenes of mine)

    15/03/2021 Duração: 39min

    Something delicious arrived in my mailbox last week.Something so delicious, that I didn’t think I could deal with the excitement.But I did deal. And I went inside with my parcel and I breathed deeply, and I opened it. And inside...was my third book: Suck It Up, Princess: Real life strategies to be the heroine you already are and have the money, success and life you deserve.The real, beautiful, gorgeousness of almost 12 months of work, right there in my hands.This is a full-on sensory experience. The smell and feel of’s incredible. In fact, you can see exactly what I’m talking about right here, and then start dreaming up your own seeing-your-book-for-the-first-time moment.That new book smell; the silky feel of the pages; my words right there in black and white.And I published it totally on my own! That’s what I want for you.I want you to have control over your book. What it looks like, sounds like and reads like.There are so many platforms for you to use to get this done - so, why not?And here’s t

  • EPS 108: Rediscover Your Sparkle With Julie Schooler

    08/03/2021 Duração: 28min

    Imagine this: You’re six months pregnant and you lose your job. How in the world do you rediscover your sparkle?You write a book, naturally.Cue all the excuses:‘I’ve never written before.’‘I’ve never done a writing course.’‘Who would buy it?’Limiting beliefs be damned. Julie Schooler has spent five years writing books, and she’s had ten of them published. AND she’s been co-raising her kids at the same time! What a woman.In this episode of the UNTAPPED podcast we are diving deep into the beauty of getting out of the negative mind, trying not to control everything, and doing what it takes to rediscover your sparkle. What if we just let go of the crappy thoughts that didn’t serve us? What if we remembered to play? And express gratitude? And breathe? Julie says HELL YES to that.In this episode we uncover: ✅ What an apocalypse bucket list is, and why you need one;✅ How we can be okay with not being in control during these banana pants crazy times;✅ Why it’s so important to love yourself;✅ How you can fin

  • EPS 107: How to Master Your Resilience In The Face Of Challenges

    01/03/2021 Duração: 14min

    So, you’re in the middle of a big project. And it’s going goooood. So good, in fact, that after a particularly successful moment you jump on an impromptu call with your small but mighty team, and you dance a jig with them (in silence because where they are it’s 1am and their families are sleeping). Basically you’re on top of the world, life is good, you are the bomb dot com.And then, literally, an hour later, you’re on the couch and you cannot move. And you’re not the bomb dot com anymore, because you got hit by a major stomach bug. You’re now not only puking all the time, but have been reduced to a mere humble being, who’s also dealing with regular ol’ insecurities and fears around your launch. In these moments of insecurity, how do you find your resilience? How do you push through? How do you manage expectations? And how do you celebrate the wins - because they are there. And they’re waiting to be seen. But are your eyes open to them?In this episode we uncover: ✅  One of the reasons

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