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Paul Lawrence Vann host The Wealthy Speaker Radio Show, an exciting and entertaining empowerment radio show. Listeners, fans and followers are inspired, motivated, discover strategies that assist them in improving their personal and professional life. Listeners are encouraged to tune in, listen in and call in with questions at:(646) 595-4797 and or join Paul and his guest experts in the web chat room: We look forward to you joining us for another amazing episode of The Wealthy Speaker Radio Show.


  • New York Based Novelist & Poet Rebecca McFadden Shares The Backstory Of Her Book

    26/08/2020 Duração: 34min

    New York based novelist and poet Rebecca McFadden visits the Wealth Speaker Talk Radio Show. This New York-based author has written “Strong Enough for a Man” and “Surfing to Find the One.” Rebecca is a novelist, poet, and copywriter. Just as many authors do, Rebecca McFadden worked full time while writing her two books which is a credit to her fortitude and gift for writing. Rebecca will share her backstory for writing "Strong Enough For A Man,” and "Surfing For The One." Renowned motivational Speaker Les Brown stated "There's something about her writing that touched me." Through her authorship gifts and skills, Rebecca gave birth to New York City Transit’s company approved Poet-Tree Club. She co-founded, and is president of the 100 members’ strong spoken word artists club. Rebecca was born a sharecropper’s daughter in South Carolina. She’s a graduate of Shaw University, and the proud parent of one son. She resides in Kings County, NY.  Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480. Find o

  • Paul Lawrence Vann Shares Insight As Founder of Wealth Building Academy, LLC

    30/07/2020 Duração: 32min

    Paul Lawrence Vann shares his entrepreneurial expertise with listeners which consist of him being Founder/President of Wealth Building Academy, LLC (WBA,LLC). After retiring from the United States Air Force in the rank of lieutenant colonel, Vann became an international speaker, international #1 best selling author, diversity/inclusion trainer, and coach. Mr. Vann provides a behind the scenes look at being an entrepreneur during COVID-19, the pivots he has made and how technology is shifting the atmosphere for him and others. He discusses how the leadership schools he attended in the USAF continues to serve him to this day. Additionally, Paul discusses ways in which civil unrest can be resolved and how being a certified diversity/inclusion practitioner assist him in helping others better understand the work required to make lasting change in individuals, organizations, and communities. Paul Lawrence Vann is a 2020 Global Good Fund Fellow and he discusses how its making a positive difference in his business

  • Manolo Paez, Chief of Staff & Leadership Services Director, The Global Good Fund

    29/07/2020 Duração: 41min

    Manolo Paez knows a lot about what it takes to lead as Chief of Staff for the Global Good Fund (GGF) where he leads the strategic growth and operations of the organization. During this interview, Manolo discusses the important role leadership plays and as a representative of an organization that is an expert in the field. Listeners will discover what Bogota, Colombia based Manolo Paez knows, and it is this, it's imperative for people to know more about leadership development because it's the lifeblood of an organization. That's not all, Manolo will also share with listeners Leadership Services and how an organization's business leaders can heighten their focus on excellence and on leadership and development. Manolo Paez will also share just a bit about the Leadership Services the GGF offers to other companies and nonprofits and highlight the value Leadership Services can offer prospective clients. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions about Leadership Services the Global Good Fund offers under the l

  • CEO/Founder Scott Mackes On His Business Enterprises SABM & StrengthsMugs

    10/07/2020 Duração: 37min

    Scott Mackes is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Academy, he's a strong leader, veteran, and entrepreneur. Scott is CEO/Founder of Service Academy Business Mastermind Group and, this entrepreneur is making a positive impact on the communities he serves. During this interview, Scott discusses his business enterprises, who his ideal clients are, future business offerings and products, and how his enterprises will operate post-COVID-19. Scott also shares his experience as a 2020 Global Good Fund (GGF) Fellow. Paul Lawrence Vann is thrilled to interview Scott Mackes, This is one show you don't want to miss. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.  

  • LaVonne Idlette - Olympian To Wealth Creator For Her Clients

    30/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    Host Paul Lawrence Vann interviews LaVonne "Lala" Idlette, a 2012 Olympian who participated in the 100-meter hurdles. This world-class athlete realized her dreams in London and takes the expertise and dedication to become a wealth creation expert that helps clients realize their financial dreams. Lala is exceptional in that she is a brilliant businesswoman who specializes in real estate investments and she utilizes her MBA and help her clients garner wealth. She is an investor and real estate advisor to athletes and entertainers in the South Florida area with Reddish Bull Finance. LaVonne Idelette is an Olympic Athlete who is an Experienced Executive and Brand Development Consultant & Advisor with a demonstrated history of building multimillion-dollar alternative asset portfolios, real estate holdings while vetting and educating the clients for future success. The goal is legacy creation, tax mitigation, and risk minimization. Strong legal understanding of trust, business organization, and real e

  • Jordan Foley Shares Expertise On His Veterans Transition Company, Chow

    29/06/2020 Duração: 35min

    We can never do enough for veterans especially those that are transitioning from active duty or from the Guard and Reserves. There is an active-duty officer by the name of Jordan Foley who is focused and aligned with making a difference for transitioning veterans and because he is, Chow was created and is a cutting edge culinary business. That's not all, Chow focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship of transitioning veterans and provides a platform for the culinary industry. The next time you see a food truck, there is a good chance its part of the Food Truck Training Program under the banner of Chow. Join me as I interview Jordan Foley. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.   

  • Scott Mackes Discusses His Amazing Service Academy MasterMind Business

    26/06/2020 Duração: 01min

    Join Scott Mackes CEO & Founder of Service Academy, MastermInd Group (SABM), and Scott leads a supportive community helping military veterans achieve financial freedom through business ownership.  Want to discover how you can be apart of SABM? Scott launched the community in 2017, SABM has received 40,000+ podcast downloads, 1000+ meetup attendees, 300+ investor group members, and 100+ accelerator members. is an online store officially licensed by Gallup, Inc. to sell products related to the Clifton Strengths assessment which has been taken by more than 20 million people worldwide. Scott is also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.   Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480. See you during the live broadcast.

  • Claire Witko Shares Expertise on Dog Tag Bakery's Work With Disabled Veterans

    25/06/2020 Duração: 25min

    Claire Witko knows a thing or two about making a difference and as Director of Programs at Dog Tag Bakery, she works with veterans with service-connected disabilities, military spouses, and caregivers. Listeners are going to discover that Claire oversees the entire fellowship program from the curriculum development to recruitment, program management, and alumni relations. Claire Witko is also a 2020 Global Good Fund Fellow (GGF), she shares how the Fellowship program is assisting her with leadership devleopment as a social entrepreneur. Tune in. listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480 , 

  • Ali Ahmadi Shares Expertise as CEO/Co-Founder of TCARE, Inc.

    21/06/2020 Duração: 33min

    Ali Ahmadi provides guest expert expertise to listeners as he shares TCARE’s CMS-approved platform used by health insurance/LTC companies to reduce family caregiver burnout and delay nursing home placement. The company’s evidence-based predictive technology saved Washington State Department of Social and Health Services over $20 million in a 2,300-caregiver pilot by delaying nursing home placements by an average of 21 months and reducing Medicaid LTC service usage by 20%. That's not all, Ali is leading TCARE, Inc through COVID-19 and his platform is in high demand as they work with nursing home placements as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This is one episode you don't want to miss as Ali shares what it takes to navigate the healthcare industry during a global pandemic. Ali Ahmadi is a 202 Global Good Fellow and he discusses how it is impacting his leadership development,as a social entreprneur. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.

  • Patrick Alcorn Empowers Through Leadership & Excellence

    11/06/2020 Duração: 36min

    West Point graduate Patrick Alcorn is a strong leader, he shares his role as Director of the UTAVBOC. He's Founder of Business Beyond the Battlefield Conference and during this broadcast, he will share what it entails. Mr. Alcorn is a John Maxwell Team speaker, teacher, and coach that empowers people to get up, get out, and keep moving forward, even under the most difficult circumstances. Discover more about Patrick as an author, coach, and keynote speaker. Patrick Alcorn is a former NCAA athlete, U.S. Army engineer, and deputy city councilman and award-winning sales professional for Fortune 100 companies. There is a lot to discover about small business startups and Mr. Alcorn is the person you should listen to. Tune in. listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480. We look forward to seeing you on this live broadcast.  

  • Ali Akil Public Bloc Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer On Economic Growth

    09/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    Join host Paul Lawrence Vann as he interviews Ali Akil, a US Army Veteran and the Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer of Public Bloc. This is one interview to tune in to listen to because Ali discusses how to accelerate economic growth through enterprise software solutions. Public Bloc is an innovative platform that leverages blockchain and AI technology to raise capital and secure payments for infrastructure-related projects around the world. Ali also serves on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council and the Small Business Technology Council.  Ali Akil is a 2020 Global Good Fund Fellow and he continues to develop his leadership skills as a social entrepreneur. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.

  • Justin Constantine Uses His Employment Expertise to Secure Jobs For Veterans

    08/06/2020 Duração: 32min

    Justin Constantine visits The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio Show to share his remarkable journey having retired from the Marine Corps at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He is a Purple Heart recipient having been injured in combat in Iraq. Motivational Speaker | Published Author | TEDx Speaker | SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Partner | Employment Expert He focuses on veteran employment and motivational speaking. Justin shares his experience speaking to corporations and associations about leadership, overcoming adversity, and the upside of change. He is also a Subject Matter Expert on veteran employment, and recently wrote the authoritative book on that topic which SHRM published 2018. Justin shares how he transitioned from the battlefield to become part of the leadership team at JobPath an impressive company offering a wide variety of employment solutions to veterans/military spouses and employers. Justin is a 2020 Global Good Fund Fellow and he's increasing his leadership and social entrepreneurship skills to

  • Margo Baines, CEO/Founder of Chicks With Class Discuss Her Girls Empowerment Biz

    05/06/2020 Duração: 34min

    Join Margo Baines, CEO & Founder of Chicks With Class, a girls empowerment company during this interview. Host Paul Lawrence Vann interviews Margo to help listens discover more about her leadership and corporate experience as an investment banker  and uncover how it helped her position herself for entrepreneurship. She has a passion for empowering young girls and over the course of time, she developed workshops to help young women reach their full potential. Margo joined the United States Army National Guard after her first year of college and went on to join the Texas Army National Guard while pursuing a finance degree from Texas Southern University. After graduating she worked in investment banking, Margo wanted to make a big impact on society, thus she left corporate America to start Chicks with Class in 2015, and by 2017, opened her first brick and mortar location. To date, Margo has impacted over 10,000 girls. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480 during this live studio b

  • Dereck Faulkner Shares Expertise on His Athletes For Vets Foundation

    04/06/2020 Duração: 35min

    Former Philadelphia Eagles football player Dereck Faulkner not only excelled as an NFL athlete for several teams including in the Canadian Foot League, he didn't forget his roots. Dereck's parents served in the military and his experience as a military dependent flowed through his being and when his professional football career came to an end, he applied his passion for helping others into action. Dereck Faulkner is CEO and Founder of Athletes for Veterans Foundation. He is a philanthropist and humanitarian and his efforts continue making positive life altering changes to the life of our military personnel. That's not all, Dereck provides scholarships in tribute to his late mentor.  Tune in, listen in and call in with questions for Dereck Faulkner at (516) 453-9480, he is making a difference in the lives of others and you need to discover more about it. See you on the call,  

  • Paul Lawrence Vann On The 2020 Global Good Fund Fellows He's Interviewing

    03/06/2020 Duração: 31min

    Host Paul Lawrence Vann is a 2020 Global Good Fund (GGF) Fellow, during this episode he shares insight on what the GGF is and what it does to support Fellows from the U.S. and around the world. Paul is currently interviewing U.S. based Fellows to provide them with a platform for sharing their expertise with BTR listeners. Paul discusses the challenges encountered by 2020 Fellows and how crisis management altered and created pivots and shifts as a result of COVID-19. Tune in and learn more about the 2020 GGF Fellows interview series. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.

  • The Athena Project With Dr. Jeannette Gaudry Haynie and Dr. Klyeanne Hunter

    01/06/2020 Duração: 47min

    Distinguished leaders such as Dr. Jeannette Gaudry Haynie, Founder and Executive Director of The Athena Leadership Project, and Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, Managing Director of The Athena Leadership grace this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show.   Dr. Jeannette Gaudry, Haynie, PhD is a career Marine Corps officer and combat veteran, U.S. Navy Academy graduate and she is a Cobra attack helicopter pilot with multiple operational deployments. Dr. Haynie is a member of the Presidential Leadership Scholars Class of 2019, she will be discussing the genesis of The Athena Leadership Project and more. Dr. Haynie is currently a 2020 Global Good Fund Fellow. Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, PhD is a Marine Corps is a Marine Corps combat veteran with multiple combat deployments as an AH-1 " Super Cobra attack pilot. Sr. Hunter finished her Marine Corps active duty assignment in the Legislative Liaison Office in the U.s. House of Representatives, she shares what her role is as Managing Director of The Athena Leadership Project. Dr. Hunte

  • Loren Boccanfuso on Health and Wellness In The COVID-19 Era

    29/05/2020 Duração: 34min

    Health and wellness expert Loren Boccanfuso shares what it takes to strengthen your being. An in-depth discussion about Bowen Therapy will be discussed to assist listeners in living healthy lives. Listeners will acquire knowledge about the "Reboot Your Body" program and how you can be apart of it. Loren provides listeners with what is the greatest challenges for patients today when it comes to working with doctors and healthcare professionals. Loren Boccanfuso will be opening a clinic in the near future, discover how she navigates her health and wellness business.  Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480.

  • Honor Those Who Gave It All So We Can Live

    25/05/2020 Duração: 30min

    Few if any give so much and yet the men and women in the U.S. military make sacrifices that are often overlooked. This special Memorial Day broadcast pays homage to the men and women who gave their lives so we can have freedom, liberty, and live our way of life.  I've been interviewed on Memorial Day on many radio stations around the U.S. and today I broadcast on the Wealthy Speaker Show to share the importance of the sacrifices made by military personnel. I also share and pay homage to over 100,000 fellow citizens who lost the battle with COVID-19 and many of them were veterans. Join me on the broadcast as we SALUTE our heroes and sheroes.  Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480      

  • Born To Win

    20/05/2020 Duração: 30min

    Paul Lawrence Vann is a motivational speaker and he provides a multiplicity of examples to show you that you're a winner in life. Sure life can be tough at times however you were created for these times. A winner is someone who recognizes his or her God-given talent and works hard to develop their skills to accomplish their goals. Winners convert problems into opportunities. The time is now for you to tap into the fullness of your talent and win in the areas of your life needed the most. Tune in, listen in and call in with questions during this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show at (516) 453-9480.

  • Fundamentals of Contingency Planning

    16/05/2020 Duração: 30min

    Entrepreneur Paul Lawrence Vann provides expert insight on the importance of having a contingency plan. Businesses of all sizes should have a business plan in place and a part of the plan should have a contingency plan. Paul shares business planning expertiseon on what should be included in your businesses contingency plan. Some listeners that are entrepreneurs likely have a business plan but have you put forth effort to develop a contingency plan that helps you to decide whether to move forward with you business based on the challenge at hand or do you sell, close or partner with others to operate your business. From experience a lot of businesses don't like to address their business plan however its important that they do so. Likewise some businesses don't address their contingency plan, this is the episode for you to tune into and discover whay you should have your plan in place.  Tune in, listen in and call in with questions at (516) 453-9480 during this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio Show.

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