That Which Is



That Which Is is presented by MSIA, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness - a movement dedicated to awakening the spiritual heart within each of us. John-Roger DSS and John Morton DSS


  • AUDIO Part 2: The Grace Of The Spirit Is Just


    In the second part of this seminar, John-Roger continues speaking about the roots of karma, “We’re punished by our own sins. God doesn’t punish us; we punish ourselves. For instance, as soon as you judge, you’re judged. You’ve already entered into negativity, and that punishes you. We have to go back inside, find out who […]

  • AUDIO Part 1: The Other Side Of The Coin


      In this sweet seminar, John-Roger reminds us that each of us is a child of God. However, we grown children have personalities and behaviors which demonstrate, on one side, the child of innocence who’s always with us, the child we would lay our life down for. On the other side we demonstrate something else. […]