Take Action By Paper Napkin Wisdom

TA #26: Have More Pillow Talk



It's so important to build transparency in the life of the entrepreneur, leader, and difference maker.  Too often we don't hold space for our most important relationships, the ones with our spouses, life partner, and families. We need to save space for them, and us, to share our dreams, our challenges, our hopes. Structure time in the evening to debrief on the day, and more importantly to brief on the day before you start. This is not an opportunity to vent, this is an opportunity to share a vision for the day. At the end of the day, it gives you an opportunity to share what you've learned, what you won, and what you're grateful for. Think of it as a night time huddle with your most important partner - the one you wake with and end with each night.  Give each-other a safe and soft place to land after another busy day and support each other to remember and restate your family, personal, and even business dreams. There is nothing more intimate than those moments of peace before and after falling asleep. If you