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Up front a welcome back to school from Matt   Preview This episode the Crisis Card from Kabar Full Disclosure A story and a half from Matt, about street crime Interview with Rob Rob went to some schools and now he gets to argue in front of judges, you know for money. Gun Sig P238 Knife CRKT Squid   Bag Tom Bihn Co-pilot   Multi tool Leatherman Skeletool   Flashlight Coast HP1 is discontinued, but you can pick it up from Amazon through this link and benefit Rogue Intel!   Streamlight stylus PRO with two AA bateries   Weight unspecified   Last used, when we talked was the Squid, to open some sealed bags of hops.   Cram is a yes, but you’ll have to listen to the next episode to find out exactly what.   The wishing tree and the Junk drawer will be on the next episode of the pdpc.   Shiny www.redtailholsters.com [email protected] the KEYper from red tail holsters LLC is another of those “wish I’d thought of that” creations, and unlike some of the other things we’ve spotlighted on SHINY, this not only alre