Take Action By Paper Napkin Wisdom

TA# 22: Trust 2.0 - Do you have it?



It's vitally important for leaders to feel like that they can trust their teams. Trust them to complete their tasks, to be strong for the team, complete tasks well, execute on the priorities we have set individually and collectively.   If we do this well, we are delegating tasks to them and they are getting them done. If that is going REALLY well - the team has a sense of ownership and they feel empowered. There's another level to this though that is even more important, and that is Trust 2.0.  This sort of trust involves our team feeling like we won't change how we feel about them, even if they get it wrong. In fact, we should wonder the opposite.  We should be highly suspicious of the people on our teams that effortlessly get all their stuff done without any questions, or issues. In growing organizations we are always doing things for the first time - new things, that's the hallmark of growth. So if we're doing new things and not facing any, we're either lying or hiding, or not trying hard enough. Leaders n