Get Tanned! Episodes

Episode One: Shaking the Status Quo



Hosts: Natalie Tan, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Milton LimTech: Tyler Russell(Recorded on August 3, 2015)In the INAUGURAL episode of Get Tanned!:- We have a midnight discussion over delicious bubble tea.- NT is unsure about the name Get Tanned, and Milton and NG share what Hong Kong Exile was almost named.- NT saw Arts Club’s error-ridden production of "In the Heights" back in June, and asks NG and Milton what to do next.- We discuss inaccessibility and privilege in the theatre on various levels, from audience diversity to ticket pricing to awards. - Milton and NG talk about what it’s like to perform to a disinterested audience. - It’s not about the money…even though we mention the money a lot. - Milton talks about the exclusivity of Vancouver’s Jessie Awards, and how it affects smaller, independent companies.- If you see something you don’t like, should you say something? And other Canadian questions.Supplementary links for your viewing/listening pleasure:Hong Kong Exile: the Heights