episode 58. The little (and sometimes bigger) things



In today's episode, we discuss all the badly needed house reorganization, repairs, and other updates we've put off for years and are finally pulling the trigger on. We talk about:what we were able to do for free (like finally taking batteries, frayed cords, and old paint to our hazardous waste disposal).what needed a small amount of money to handle or fix (like a closet organization or a refrigerator fix).and how we financially planned for some bigger things coming up (like a lawn update).We also give updates on our solar panel system and how it's performing (for details on the system we bought and how it works, check out episode 55). And we answer a listener question on how to mark the occasion of hitting savings goals when you aren't planning to spend that money on something anytime soon.Other stuff we mention:our current Trader Joe's obsession, the Southwestern Chopped to celebrate with a partner when you have financial successes (check out episode 9 for more on this).a simple but delicious veget