Hostile Masculinity and Juvenile Sex Offenders

Helm on Hostile Masculinity and Juvenile Sex Offenders



Roots of Sexual Abuse is a CDC funded, multi-method, cross-sectional research study of adolescent males who have sexually abused children, sexually assaulted peers or adults, and/or committed other types of criminally delinquent behavior. The study applies attachment theory to identify the unique and shared risk factors for adolescents perpetrating child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and delinquent behavior. In his presentation, Charles Helm, MA, will discuss findings from over five years of data collection with adolescent males in Minnesota. The variables described and analyzed will help to illuminate how significant hostile masculinity may have influenced the etiology of adolescent sex offender behavior. Information will be presented on the degree to which each variable is found for each participant group (child sex offender, peer sex offenders, and delinquents) and the degree to which theses groups differ from one another. An understanding of these variables has the potential to further elucidate our knowledge of the antecedents to adolescent sex offender behavior and to inform prevention interventions and therapeutic practices.