Sarasota Manatee Home Town Heroes

Tom Schlotterback



Tom Schlotterback has been living in our community since 1970 and because of his strong ties to the community and his strong feeling that our community has given so much to him he donates his services as an auctioneer to nonprofit and charitable organizations. He and his brothers, Ken and Brian, own Pest Management, and after knowing them and their father for about 20 years, it is my opinion that they have an enormous amount of integrity. When I discovered that Tom provided this service I was far from surprised. Tom became an auctioneer in his twenties and after his mother’s suggestion that he use his skill to give back he did just that. He had business cards printed that said he provides this for free for nonprofit and charitable organizations and has been giving back ever since. Please listen to Tom's story and share with me any opinions or thoughts you might have.