Sarasota Manatee Home Town Heroes

Gini Hyman



Gini Hyman was raised in Sarasota and shares a bit about what Sarasota means to her. In addition to being a realtor and operating an organic, natural and human grade pet treat business that has sales in over twenty eight states (, she works with the Commission on the Status of Women Sarasota County, the Florida West Coast Avian Society, and Baby Basics. All three of these organizations provide valuable services to our community. The mission for the Commission on the Status of Women Sarasota County is to Empower Women through Education, Research, and Advocacy. The Florida West Coast Aviation Society was founded after Hurricane Charlie when so many pet birds were left homeless. Baby Basics provides diapers for the working poor members of our community. Important links and contact information: Commission for the Status of Women Sarasota County ( You can contact them at [email protected] or 941 961-7982 Florida West Coast