Stickman Fridays

Episode 007 – Emelie Forsberg



On this episode we interview the amazing Emelie Forsberg. She is one of the best trail/sky runners in the world and is winning one race after the other. We ask her what she loves about running and she hits us with some amazing insights, mindfulness and deep wisdom. If you love Emelie as much as we do, you can find her at And check out Salomon Trail Running for all of the inspiring videos we talked about on the show If you like our podcast, please go to iTunes store and subscribe so that you get automatic updates! Just click the "subscribe in iTunes" button :) Big Shoutout to Frank from for audio mastering Find us at: Twitter: @stickmanfridays Links to our other projects: The Note Show - Lift For The Long Run - Be An AWESOME Teacher - How to Stick to ANY diet -